Wednesday, August 1, 2012

wooossshhhhh.... life update...

April 8th or 9th (not sure)- told my parents i was gay
April 18th- total my kia. stupid girl cut me off smashed into my kia sent me to the hospital. I had to call candice out of work because i needed someone to come get me and it was bad. I scared the shit out of her too.
May 5th- My best friend got married!!! Congrats Jess and Andrew

June 4-8th- go to the police academy in Vermont because papa clark said so.

July 14th- CANDICE ASKED ME TO MARRY HER!!! And I said YES!!!! my parents are pissed but whatever it is what it is and IM GETTING MARRIED!!! 

 Our wedding plans.... well right now we are set on all the ladies wearing lime green and there being lots of bright colors.