Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I dont have any profound words of wisdom, life change or saving advice, or the answers to any important questions, including my own questions, and on top of that I rarely take my own advice and as much as I try to be the girl who says fuck you whenever she gets hurt I know in the end no matter how hurt I am, and how much I yell and cry with my friends I will always be the one that gives out second chances, and thirds, and forth, and so on. I believe in second chances. I live by second chances.

I go after what i want even if it doesnt want me back, I fight for it and if I dont get it I stick around for the just friends speach that inevitably follows. I myself have given that speach and it sucks. It sucks to give, it sucks to hear, but I have come to notice that some girls just do thinngs to make that speach possible, do get your hopes up and then send them crashing into a million pieces because they want to feel better about themselves.

So my advice to those who may not be looking for it but might just need a pick me.... Stay mad as long as you can cause once you stop it hurts like hell, yelling, screaming, and crying are okay, and everyone has pictures to burn and its okay if someone else is burning your picture, you dont have to be in everyones photo album.

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