Saturday, December 18, 2010

forgetting 2010

Forgetting 2010
  1. I worked hard to not be that girl. I really tryed not to be the girl that fall for the girl from home and never lett it ago and for awhile i was doing that just that. We are friends. Could we be more yeah? Am I waiting for more? I dont know. I dont know what I want from her and thats a good feeling
  2. Fighting with T. Its all we do is fight. I really dont want to fight with her. Im not even forcing anything anymore because I just cant anymore. I cant fight with her anymore, I dont have it in me to fight anymore. I cant make her love basketball for all the reasons I do, I cant make her look at me and make her feel about me how i feel about her. She makes my heart jump. everything about that girl makes my head spin, and its too much. 
  3. I want to forget what I know, and remember what I feel. 
  4. GRADUATE SCHOOL!!! is the only thing that matters right now.  

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