Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Gone. This semester is almost over. grad school is approaching. friends are getting married, getting appartments, going off into the real world, and where I am? What I am I doing? Grad school, more school, more money, more time, that everyone seems to tell me its not worth. Escaping this place, escaping this world, is exhilerating and terrifying at the same time. Im done here, Ive done all I can and all I want to, but this place has been my home, this is where I found me and where I lost me, and leaving a place that is such a part of me is scary. There will be those that I miss, those that mattered then but will not matter later, and those that I simply cant wait to forget. Forgetting wont be easy or simple, but if its whats best, then it is what it is. And maybe its not forgetting, its just getting past everything that was and moving on to what is.

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