Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"i'm not a jealous person. i'm just a girl, that would love to punch every other, girl that gives you a second look.

And I'm not a jealous person. I dont care as long as you are coming home to me. Does this make me a bad girlfriend? Am i suppose to care? I guess I would be lying if I said i liked her. Cause I dont. I hate her. I dont like her, and I dont agree with anything she says or does. I dont like that she thinks she knows me and that she thinks its totally okay to say shit about me. First of all bitch, you dont know me. Second of all, you dont know my relationship, so step the fuck off. But I am to blame to I guess, I came into your world, and took your girl. I came in, the knight in shining armour, and stole her away. Let me let you in on a little secret... it wasnt hard. You treated her like shit, and she is the nicest person in the world. You beat her up. I held her hand when she cried. You monitored her every move. I dont make her bail on her friends for me.

I guess I feel like a bad girlfriend for not caring and not letting it get to me. I cant change everything that has happened in the past before she came and stole my heart. I have my exes and she has hers but Id like to believe and I do believe that this doesnt play a role in our relationship. But I will tell you this.... you tryto make a move on my girlfriend, Ill fuck you up. I can promise you that.

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