Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"my clinician told me to..."

MKB (aka fuckhead) - Just a heads up the VT state police might be calling you ... but not for you
(enter missed call from restricted number and one new voice message)
Me: Why?
MKB- Because I want my computer and other things back
Me: So ask for them
MKB: I have multiple times since Easter
Me: No you haven't because we have seen you multiple times since Easter and you haven't said anything. and do you really think that she is keeping your shit from you on purpose? Come on. All you have to do is legit ask for it and you know she would bring it to Rebecca's. Make me a list and text it to me. I cant believe you brought the state police into this instead of asking me your mom or her mom.
MKB: I have asked my mom several times and she wont get involved unless its a drop off spot...my clinician TOLD me to do this and had me do it in her office and CC knows i have asked for it, I have the texts that ive wanted it.
Me: CC doesn't have a phone. I'm not okay being involved with this either. I'm not okay with you giving them my number and I'm even more not okay with the fact that you haven't asked me for your stuff because you know I would get it for you
MKB: I know she doesn't have one and i told them that. I'm sorry for involving you and doing what i was told to do... but Stacey felt that this was the appropriate route
Me: You have some nerve giving them my number. I'm beyond pissed. you could have called me or asked me for your shit. you could have called and asked me if it was okay. And you have Bonnie's number you could have called her or gave them her number . Send me what you want back and Ill do my best to find it this weekend.
MKB: my laptop and diamond Sapphire necklace
Me: the necklace might be hard cause i haven't seen it. any guess to where it might be?
MKB: last i knew it was in the car
Me: great cause that's the best place for it. after this is over you both need to grow up and learn to communicate because I'm so sick of this shit
Me: see it wasn't so hard to ask me for it but now i have to deal with the state police
MKB: I will take care of it, Stacey said not to go to you about it
Me: well you did the minute you gave them my number which is far worse then coming to me and say 'hey Sam CC and I had a falling out and I would really like my laptop and necklace back do you think you could get them to my mom. Its not that fucking hard
MKB: She said it was going to be easier to do it this way then to go through CC's girlfriend who may already be blinded of the situation and whats gone on since Easter. she didn't even want me to give you a heads up that we made the phone call
Me: I know everything. Every text, every phone call, every facebook message, i know everything and blindsiding me with the state police was probably your stupid idea yet.
MKB: Perhaps but its what was agreed upon as being best to have no connections or ties, have my belongings back and just be done
Me: so fucking ask me for them don't call the police freak me out and drag me into this. And no ties and connections is what you'll get. Ill get your stuff to your mom by Sunday when i leave town then I'm done. Tell Alex i love her and I'm sorry but you crossed a line.

Her fb status later: love doesn't me absent so shut the fuck up

Basically, state police called told either me or CC to call them back. So I did. When I talked to the officer this conversation had already happened. I told the officer that I would be bring the stuff to her moms by Sunday when I left town. I also informed him that I was aware that MKB told him that she was trying to get her stuff since Easter and that there are more then enough witnesses that will confirm that she was staying at CC primary residence for Easter weekend and therefore could have gotten her stuff. On top of that on May 5th, CC and I went up to visit Madison in Burlington and Lunt (where she lives) would be able to confirm that. 

Needless to say I was less then impressed, so when I got to Vermont, talked to her mom and CC's mom, it was pretty much determined that neither of us wanted anything to do with fuckhead. I brought her stuff, necklace included to her moms and then took a picture and sent it to her. I am done. I don't give two shits about her or her immaturity anymore and I will totally enjoy sitting back and watching her suffer the consequences of her actions cause pissed of mama and papa Clark is never a good thing. Papa Clark is going to talk to the trooper that called me and mama Clark is being less then friendly. oh and her own mom is peeved too... 

So.... my clinician told me to flip her off and tell her to go screw herself, so I did. 

FB statuses
me: watching a movie and playing scrabble because "my clinician told me to"
K: went to dunks because "my clinician told me to"
CC: yelling across the hall to my bro because "my clinician told me to"
MM: posting the redic status because "my clinician told me to."

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