Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So my blogging has royally sucked lately and i apologize. I dont know what to post about.

Classes are almost over. I have never been in a class where it was socailly acceptable to show up and sign into class at 9:54 when class ends at 9:55 but hey! what ever works. Also, doing ti chi exercises will not change the fact that I am tired and I dont care about your class. This class Im talking about is my wellness class, aka health for big kids. There are currently 14 kids in my class including myself, when there are suppose to be 23 on the roster. The average number of people in this class is usually 10, three of us are doing something else, two are sleeping, one is doodling. Can you say boredom? The test are take home but the final is in class, on two chapters. Basically a waste of 1500 dollars thats for sure. 9:44 am, and someone just walked into class, and yes she will get full credit to be here. what the fuck.

Staples... that was easy. I have been working 40 hours a week, not 39 hours and 59 minutes not 40 hours and 1 minute, 40 hours on the nose because my boss is worried about overtime. In the coming weeks I will be training to be an easy tech associate, because well im that good and i can sell shit. I like being a cashier and is office supplies. I need more money though. and I want to have magic numbers. My manager Jimmie is a dick and needless to say Im after his job.

Love. Is good. Im going to marry this girl. No questions asked. I cant wait to see what she got me for xmas and I would tell you what I got her but she will read this. And she is plotting with M and B, which i love but now i have to plot with them and they better not be out of ideas.

Finals... ew! Must. Make. Notecards. ASAP. :) but a movie and cuddling sounds so much better.

Oh, and moving to middle of nowhere new hampshire = no snow so far... LOVE IT!!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. haha glad your life is so interesting. I hope plotting xmas gifts with you is wayy easier then it was with CC because that girl makes my head spin in circleswith all her worries. yall drive me crazy but i still love you lol <3 MS