Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I love my job and my co-workers, all but one. She gets under my skin but seeing as she is an "expert" and a MOD every now and then she kind of demands a little bit of respect or at least she did. No one at the store likes this girl but it was mostly that she got on everyone's  nerves thing rather than a huge issue, until now.

Issue one: CC and I went on break at the same time so she cornered CC in the warehouse, yelled at her, and told her that it was against staples policy for us to be dating. Which is wrong because it isnt against policy, all of our important managers know that we are together, and the GM that hired us takes credit for us being together. Like seriously what was she thinking. Either way when CC told me I flipped. Dont talk about my relationship and dont tell me what I can and cannot do. I am very protective of my relationship and of my girlfriend. If you fuck with her you fuck with me and well that wont end well. I went to an all girls school where people talk shit all the time and judge every move that you make and I dont need that here at staples or in my new life. Needless to say, as angry as I was I managed to keep my cool when talking to our manager who is also gay. He was pissed, he talked to her, and then she apologized to CC, however over the next forty eight hours word spread, many told us to go to HR and to tell another manager, others just said shew as a bitch but all were equally upset.

CC and I have made friends at the store. Scruffy is a techy who is complete nerd. Tech Chick. Oh man is she one of a kind. She is funny, weird, completely nerd, confused and number one tuna hater. Best part is that she  has everyones back. Banana is 7 months pregnant. Dont mess with a pregnant girl. And well last wednesday tuna messed with the pregnant girl.

Due to a scheduling error we didnt have a closer for the front end. Banana, who needed the hours and money, agreed to stay late meaning that she would be working a 12.5 hour day. Through the course of the day her feet were swelling so our manager N got her a chair. Well about 10 hours into her day, Tech Chick and her were talking about how many hour she was work and tuna comes up and in front of a customer tell her that its not really a ten hour day if you have been sitting on your ass.

Seriously, who tells a pregnant person that. First thats just mean second she is your freakin co worker, have some decency. And if you are suppose to be a supervisor then you shouldnt be saying things like that. The manager closing that night ripped her a new one and banana went to HR about it. Things were getting bad quick. The entire store was pissed at her, the manager she thought loved her was now done with her antics, and we were getting a new GM who didnt know what he was in for.

After that incident banana did call HR and tuna became under investigation, she still tried to talk to banana. Banana told her that she didnt want to talk to her and then she still pressed her. Everyone was watching and half of us were hoping banana would hit her the other half was simply hoping that Tuna would get fired on the spot. But she didnt instead she keeps digging a hole to bury her staples career in...

And to add to her hole, she ignored calls from out GM, called CC lazy to an associate who is more manager than her, and wouldnt help me find something but was then all about kissing my ass. I swear she has to be bipolar. Thats the other thing, she called CC lazy and I swear if Bunny (another associate) wasnt there i would have freaking reemed her ass out. I dont care what you say about me becuase my theory has always been "go ahead talk shit, make me famous" but keep CC out of your mouth. Dont make fun of her, pick on her, upset her, call her stupid, or lazy or anything because i will freak out. CC has seen me freak out on someone for insulting her and its really not a pretty sight.

So thats staples and I love it, and Ill do anything I can to keep working lots of hours and making sure that Tuna stays away from me and CC.

Happy Digging Tuna, Everyone else Happy New Year!!!

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