Thursday, January 12, 2012

new year

Its crazy to think that this is a new year. It doesnt seem like a new year, it seems just like the old one, minus the promise of the world ending on 12-12-12. Personally I think that 11-11-11 would have been more whimsical. All the same the new year seems the same as the old year. School, work, facebook, gossiping, tv reruns, and the ever promise of at least one good movie this year.

Id say I pledge for a different year but honestly i liked how last year ended. I ended the year with an amazing girlfriend, amazing friends, and an amazing new chapter in my life. So instead Im looking at it differently, which isnt to say that i havent made a news years resolution because i have but Im viewing the new year as a chance to work on being happier and healthier while living the life I have imagined for myself, not the life others have imagined for me.

News year Resolution= Telling parental units that Im gay.

Life plan= work hard, study harder, laugh till it hurts to breathe, and love like crazy

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