Friday, May 20, 2011

im back

HOKEY! so Im back, and I promise to be a more faithful blogger.

Cliffnotes version
  • ditch S
  • ask CC out
  • spend two weeks with her
  • fall head over heals
  • boston trip with the seniors
  • grad rehersal on thursday
  • strawberries and champaign
  • beach day with b, kb, jt, l, and c
  • saturday in vermonT
  • sunday= GRADUATION!
I have so much to write about its not even funny and I have no idea where to start. Senior week was a blast!! Boston was great and I had a lot of fun rounding up the drunkards. L and I had enough fun watching everyone dance around. Strawberries and champaign was fun and then all the senior ra's went to peters for the night. It was a lot of fun. JT, L, and I had some much needed bonding time and i realized how much i missed just sitting around playing games with them. CC and I had a blast spending tons of time together. P.s. I asked her out when we were on speaker with her friends and I told her best friend's boyfriend that our girlfriends were weird. It totally took her by surprise and after we hung up i really asked her but i made her wait to say yes so that we didnt have the same anniversery as me and a previous ex had. And so far everything has worked out great and I dont plan on letting her get away thats for sure.

Graduation was soooo long but i did it. graduated on time with my diploma. yay me!!! Kinda made me realize that life is moving past bay path and as much as it seems like only my friends are moving on to different things, I have realized thats me too. moving on moving up in the world, and im plan on taking CC with me. :D <3

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