Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am in love with NCIS. This will not surprise many of you but I am seriously in love with this show. No matter how many time I see an episode I still laugh at all the funny jokes and one liners.

Big D little i Big N little ozzo. dinozzo. funny man. never really know what he is going to do or say. serial dater. pretty much my B.

Magee- the smart one. and the one thats picked on. basically M.

Ziva- the female enforcer. feel like thats my role. everyone hides behind the tall kid. I guess i could kick some serious ass if i need too.

Gibbs- the adult. acts like a kid at time dropping some good one liners. knows everything... JT (there is no fooling this girl)

Abbie- analitical mind. caffine addiction. talk a mile a minute if you get her going. K for sure.

away from ncis, Im introducing CC to my aunt and uncle next week and they are excited and I am excited but i dont think she is. she wants to impress them but all they care about is if she makes me happy and she does that just by texting me in the morning. In case you couldnt tell blogging world, I am in LOVE with this crazy beautiful girl with the terrifying father. Litterally.



  1. thanks love :) miss you. girls night soon?

  2. Magee Really?? you couldnt come up with something better than that??

  3. but you are magee.... your the smart one. you have all the answers usually and without the being in love with abbie its pretty much you. its not my fault you have the brains in our relationship. :)