Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my tell all... part two

So Ive got shit to add.

S- SCREW YOU!! you only want me when you cant have me because it is a fucking game to you. well im  done playing your game. no more head games no more waiting for you to figure your shit out no more just being the girl you shit on. Im not doing it. Its not fair. And on top of that you undermined my relationship and force me to be something Im not. It doesnt matter what card you play now becuase either way I hold the trump card and she is amazing! You wanna be friends sure but its on my time not yours and it isnt like it was before. No cuddling, No kisses, No late night talks. None of it. I am happy and I am happy with out you making me cry.

BD- I get it. I understand where you are coming from and where your girl is coming from. And I respect it. I dont like it but I respect it and now that I have experienced it I have a greater respect for it, you, and her.

MB- get your shit together girl. no judgement i swear but really come on. stop telling me how hard it is and accept the consequences of your actions. you have a handful of people that love you and A and you have used and abused them to the point of exhaustion. half of us are only sticking around for A and the other half are only there becuase they half too. Do me a favor? Stop lying to me. I told you i would help you but that means you have to tell me the truth. If you want someone to talk to just say so dont tell me A is sick get me paniced just to find out that she is just a baby with a cold. And stop trashing my girlfriend, propositioning her, or trying to kiss her when Im out of sight. first of all she is suppose to be your best friend, so treat her that way. you have done nothing but treat her like shit and I am not okay with that. And just becuase she tells you how it is doesnt mean you need to jump down her throat. also, next time you right her a love letter you better make sure that im not standing in the room with her. oh! annnnddddddd you fucked up. you cheated. you got pregnant. you were with her and that boy at the same time. your loss stop hating on her becuase she is with me. Point two, next time you want to make advances on my girl you better make sure that she wont tell me. how dare you disrespect my relationship with her and disrespect me and more importantly disrespectt her. And lastly, DO NOT ask my girlfriend if she wants to have a secret relationship with you behind my back EVER again. kapeach? I have lost all respect for you and the only reason i want to be included in your life is for that little girl becuase she doesnt deserve to have people bailing on her. you on the other hand, people always leave right?

and to add some funny things....

(304):  He just told me that he goes squirrel hunting. NO LONGER BANGABLE.

(845):  Count me out. I seem to have semen induced blindness in one eye.

(708):  Welp. I just hopped out of his window to avoid meeting his parents... happy monday!

(770): Just went outside to gather hail to use to make margaritas since we ran out of ice. That's God's way of helping us out.

(413): im probably shirtless right now with a bottle of jack watching horton hears a who. this is a judgement free zone.

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