Thursday, October 13, 2011

For the record....

Okay, after reading through old posts i have decided that i need to set the record and rumor mill straight,  gayly forward, whatever.

First of all, I DID NOT go to an all women's college and CHOOSE to be gay, ladies and gentlemen I was gay before I got there. It wasn't a choice that i made just for shits and giggles, i mean if anyone chooses to get hated on by some of the general public or their families, constantly have their human rights violated, and get spit on by old ladies in coffee shops, then they are pretty twisted, but this is not something I would choose to do.

Second, i may bitch about the people i have dated or have an interest in and sometimes I don't share the best of them or everything about our relationship, so don't judge, too much. S was an ass and treated me like crap, and really deserved me kicking his ass permanently to the curb so you can hate on him. And another reason to hate on him... he hooked up with a member of my basketball team! I dont know when this all happened and honestly I dont give a flying fig newton, but really dude go outside of my world for your next hookup. And to think I wouldnt find out about it? You silly silly boy. To add to that E, is a complicated mess. We were friends, we werent friends, we dated... ish, and broke up, and now we are friends again, deal with it. If she needs me Ill be there, no questions asked, probably with CC in tow becuase she is amazing like that.

My friends are the coolest, and I dont give them enough credit. I barely get to talk to them and its hard becuase we have different lives right now, but let me tell you. JT is pretty kick ass, she is doing this getting married, have my own place, teach school, apply to grad school, pay bills, cook, and plan her whole wedding and she still finds time to cuddle up with her man. Note to self... CALL HER! M is just messy, always has been always will be, and she knows that. She will figure her life out and what she wants and when she does look out world! B... B is moving, not right now but she will be and thats sad cause I dont want her to be far far away.  

And lastly, my relationship. My girlfriend has a kid, and he is smart and cute, says the darnest things, and of course you dont get him without his mama too. She is a trooper, and as i have mentioned before a great mom. So yes world I dont care if my girl hangs out with her or talks to her, cause guess what, i talk to her too and I hang with her too. However, thats not to say sometimes I dont feel insecure cause I do. I see them laughing together or hear them tell a story and laugh and i think what the hell, she has four years on me. Four years that I didnt know CC existed, but then i remember that in the end she picked me and she loves me, so who cares. Her ex is her bestfriend and they kept a friendship after a break up and thats hard, i know it is, and its great. So I cant complain to much there.

my cousin the other day asked me about whether i thought about writing as a career or a side note and who knows what i would do, would i publish this? write something like it? who knows. I write about what I know and usually thats whenever I get screwed over, fucked with, or just need somewhere to vent. The happy mushhy shit just kinda comes with it, and its not my fault that part of my life is finally starting to be amazing!

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