Wednesday, October 19, 2011

time difference

So CC is in Hawaii, which this seven day six night vacation of hers will mark the first full week we have spent away from each other, i have noticed that i am a serious girly girl. I cried the night before she left, I called when she left, and when i got back to the house, and again at work, and again before falling asleep alone for the first time in five months.

this time apart as much as it will suck, will be good for us. I think it will make me stronger. I hate to say it because i don't get to be dependent on people, i dont need people. Well, till now. I actually need candice and we depend on each other, for every thing. I like that we do things together. That we share things. That there really isnt a mine and hers it ours. the only thing that sucks about her being gone is that i cant sleep, i just cant sleep without her as my security blanket and I miss her like crazy, but im okay. I am working, going to class, doing homework, and i actually get to see my cousins this weekend.

Budgeting is my new project and any help would be appreciated. I need to save money for christmas, car insurance, and I want to go to hawaii next january with CC if we can swing it. I'd love to go for our one year but we cant do that. So January 2013 is the new plane unless her mom can help me bid on tickets for a cheaper price. We are also talking about going to my aunts and uncles in florida for spring break or in may, who knows. I want to do a road trip but who knows. As always money dictates everything. bah humbug.

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