Sunday, January 30, 2011

11.5 hours

Have you ever had that person that just completely takes you from whatever state of mind you are in and just brings you back to that state of relaxation? Well I do. I wasnt sure at a first becuase I didnt think that I had been with her long enough to know if that was possible but this weekend was the test. We had a 7.5 hour power outage at school. No power. No heat. No water. No food. There was no answer if and when it was going to fix and I was on duty in a completely blacked out building. After a really long day, being stressed and exhausted the last thing I wanted was to be on duty and the only thing I wanted was my girlfriend. There is a lot of stress involving my girlfriend, considering her ex is a meadling bitch, and my best friend K hates her with a firey passion that is constantly fueled by gas, but in the mist of all my emotions I was pleased to find that all I wanted was for her to hurry up and be here. She got here at 12:15 am and had to leave by 11:30 am the next day and even though she was here for a short period of time it was the best 11.5 hours of my weekend, and we spent 8.5 of it sleeping. (really sleeping!) It felt good to be laying in her arms, have her kiss my forehead, and just relax and laugh. To add to my enjoyment, I posted a facebook status that said bed with her and then her ex's facebook status stated I fucking hate you... and well her and I pulled eachother closer and had a good laugh.

Driving home this morning I realized two things about the girl that was speeding away from me, unintentially of course. The first being that I was happy. really happy. And the second is that I am falling for this girl. And I am falling fast. And I have no intention of stopping this feeling because it feels GREAT!

Shot Nineteen: Dont apply the brakes. Free Falling is a good thing.

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