Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby Baby Baby OH

Baby baby baby ohhh.... life has become a hassel. Im exhausted. I havent been sleeping or eating right or even taking care of myself. Im exhausted, my body is telling me to stop and my caffine in take has dramatically increased in the last week. S and I have been fighting more than usual. We really got into it in the wee hours of sunday morning. On saturday I was upset. I was tired, frozen, and in pain, and i was on duty. Now all I wanted with a kiss or some sort of attention from my boyfriend and did i get that....NNNOOOOOOO. I dont cry. And I ended up cry, it was stupid, I felt stupid, but i just wanted to feel like S cared and at that point it didnt seem like he did. And well after all of our friends left we fought, and then we kissed and made up and he cuddled with me. Sunday was the same, monday we argued but then cuddled, tuesday we cuddled, and last night we were suppose to see each other and he just showed up at my door. Was it great to have him there yes, howevver, I need to sleep and he doesnt help that. So tonight with or without S, Im going to bed and sleeping forever.

Good Night world

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