Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness

March Madness... The NCAA'S finest times battle it out for who is the best team in the country. 68 teams enter the dance. Every college kids and fans dream. Now everyone fills out a bracket. Millions of people print and bet on who will win it. When I was in high school we filled out brackets, paid our five bucks, and got daily updates as to who was winning the pool. My senior year I actually got third in the pool (thank you florida). So this year my bracket looks simular to every other year, and no im not that girl that just picks the higher seeds and calls it a day. Example: Nova (9) vs. George Mason(8), ive got Nova, why? because I always take Nova. Actually looking at my bracket I picked all of the nine seeds beating the eight seeds. My 5-12 upset? Clemson (12) v. W.Virginia (5), ive got clemson. Do I really think they will win it, nawww but it would be a great upset if they did.  I like the underdog. I like the teams that no one thinks will win because its usually those team that smack the cockyness out of some of these teams. Another team that I always go with in the first round, Gonzaga. Zaga has never let me down and they look good this year. Yeah they arent ranked number one or even five for that matter but I think like always they will make it to round two (technically three).  Last night I watched the VCU v. USC game, which leds to the winner playing Georgetown later this weekend. VCU won. Damn did they look good. They had it all, hitting every shot, every rebound. One kid got 15 rebounds. If he keeps that up G'town is going to have an issue. 15 rebounds is about heart and how bad they want it. Not saying that G'town doesnt have heart but they have been sitting and resting which is a good thing but VCU is coming in hyped up and hype can lead a long way. I picked G'town to win this game, but they make me nervous. This game is going to be a good one, and this will be one that I am sure to watch. My favorite team in the bracket, BYU. My money is on them kicking some serious ass. They are the underdogs, third seed, and with a kid that score 52 points in a game. My bet is that they will be the team to watch...

East: Round 2
Ohio v. Ala. State - (Ohio)
GMU v. Nova - (Nova)
W.V. v. Clemson- (Clemson)
Kentucky v. Princeton- (Kentucky)
Xavier v. marquette - (Xavier)
Cuse v. Indiana - (Cuse)
Washington v. georgia - (Georgia)
NC v. LIU - (UNC)

West: Round 2
Duke v. Hampton - (Duke)
Michigan v. Tennessee - (Tenn)
Arizona v. Memphis - (Memphis)
Texas v. Oakland - (Texas)
Cincy v. Missouri - (Cincy)
Uconn v. Bucknell - (Uconn)
Temple v. Penn state- (Temple)
SDS v. Northern Colo. - (SDS)

Southwest: Round 2
Kansas v. BU - (Kansas)
UNLV v. Illinois - (Illinois)
Vanderbuilt v. Richmond - (Vanderbuilt)
Louisville v. Morehead - (Louisville)
Georgetown v. VCU - (G'town)
Purdue v. St. Peter - (Purdue)
Texas AM v. Florida St. - (A&M)
N.Dame v. Akron - (Dame)

Southeast: Round 2
Pitt v. UNC Ash. - (Pitt)
Butler v. Old Dom. - (Old Dom)
Kansas St. v. Utah st. - (Kansas St)
Wisconson v. Belmont - (Wisconson)
St. John's v. Zaga - (Zaga)
BYU v. Wolford- (BYU)
UCLA v. Michigan st. - (UCLA)
Florida v. UCSB - (Florida)

And the madness begins.....


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