Friday, August 19, 2011

life update

In short here it goes...

Parental Units: Hate me. Hate my girlfriend. hate that Im gay even though they dont know it yet. followed by hating me going to grad school and hating that I dont want to live with them ever again. Oh I mean cause I am a horrible daughter and all and I dont respect there stuff, i believe it is time for me to come clean, tell them i gay and peace the fuck out. I mean ive pretty much left anyway and whats the big deal if they disown me its not like they give two shits anyway.

friends: i suck. i know. i dont text you back and i rarely have time to give you a full conversation. when life is stressful i hide in my cave but seeing as peter took away my cave im now hiding the the secure walls of CCs house. its safer here. i am loved here. she loves me. her family loves me. and i love her. and i love them. it doesnt mean that i dont love you im just laying low and hiding out. Im not abandoning you, I will be back when my confidence comes back and im not feeling trapped in my house. I am sorry.

CC- I love you. period. And i dont give to shits about my parents. I love you exactly how you are and I would never ask you to change anything.

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  1. Stalking you from Rockin Mama blog hop. Look forward to reading more.