Sunday, August 21, 2011

To Do List

Monday: Work, Pack, unpack, pack car for CC
Tuesday: Work, CC's, Transfer stuff to her car 
Wednesday: Work, Pack, Finish organizing room. 
Thursday: Pack Plymouth stuff, Move it all to garage
Friday: Oil change, Pack car. Target/Walmart/Dollar store trip for random shit. 
Saturday: Drive to CC's. Move to Plymouth. Unpack/organize. Come Back to CCs or stay there not sure yet. 

Aug. 31= classes start!!!!! 

Things I need or need to find:
mechanical pencils
All winter stuff
desk light
winter coat

Ugh. Im over it. I hate that my parents are totally getting into my head and making me second guessing my decision. I know I can do this, I don't understand why they don't believe in me. I'm glad CC and her parents believe in me. At least someone does. 

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