Monday, September 19, 2011

Shit I hate

Shit I Hate Sundays
Finally got a job, at the same place as CC and well its been interesting. I like it, but its not Kamp or being an RA. I really want an RD job.

Anywho Shit I hate Sunday…

Shit I hate… missing the football game cause Im working and It was a damn good game. Grrr.

Shit I hate… the fact that the sox cant freaking win a game let actually pitch.
Speaking of pitch…. I hate that my girlfriend knows all of my strategies in that game and then kicks my ass in it. Ughhhh Im sooooooo kicking her butt tonight

Shit I hate…. Missing my best friends

Shit I hate…. Stupid shit on T.V. I mean how many fucking talk shows do we need to have, also, dance moms or that other pageant is messed up. NO two year old should be fucking spray tanned or have teeth whitening. Anyone else see a problem with that.

And finally…. I HATE that we spend billions on trying to fix other countries but cant fix our own damn problems. Oh and our education system might not suck as much if we didn’t always cut the budget, just saying. And FYI, you CAN’T have an plan to reduce obesity in kids that requires more education on nutrition and fitness when you have just CUT gym and health from the curriculum!!! Ya morons!

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  1. I miss you more. Didnt realize you n CC worked at the same place..interesting, and I must agree with many of your other points but since I'm no longer working crazy hours we will have to find sometime after October 1 when I can come see you!!!