Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rain Rain go away

So there is this new blog I follow and I absolutely love her shit, which is where a lot of my posts are coming from. Today is Shit I hate Sunday, but ill get into that after I do a life update.

First of all I have officially moved out of mine and CC's cars and into my very own two bedroom grad school apartment. The place is pretty sweet I might add. Bathroom is tiny but the shower is pretty kick ass. My roommate has so far been a no show so I basically moved in and took over. I've got the bigger room, although my mom says that i should have taken the other one just cause it was away from the street. But whatever mom, i wanted the bigger room. Now if my roommate doesnt show up I'm stealing the second bed and making a big one and moving the desk to the other room. I miss my big bed from the path. Today my parents came to visit, and back into the closet it went. However, I think the axe body wash and two tooth brushes in the bathroom should have said it all. Then we went to walmart, spent a shit ton of moneys and then lunch.

So the shit I hate....

I HATE..... when my mom is up my butt about not being social, when really she just doesnt like that Im gay.
I HATE..... that when my girlfriend is cranky I cant make it better therefor we are both cranky and thats not cool
I HATE..... this rain. Im over it and flooding. Im also over remembering my accident every time it rains.
I HATE.... being a girl. Being emotional is over rated.

and i'm sure i hate more but that's it for now...

<3 me

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  1. Shoot, I hear ya. I'm so over emotional, I really hate it sometimes. I feel I cry at the drop of a hat over everything. And the cranky thing seems to be a pattern in our house too. Its either we are all happy or we all hate everything.