Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teen Mom

Sooo I am watching the show teen mom. B and I use to watch this show all the time and could never get enough of it. We use to bitch and moan about the girls we liked didnt like or if we just thought they were being stupid. Most of the time we were just pissed that they made it look soo freaking easy. Now that I am watching it with out B, my bitching has been moved to my blog. I have two friends that are teen mom. And they are kick ass. One works two jobs barely sleeps and doesnt always get a lot of time with her son. The other, is working and trying to learn and make a better life for herself. Luckly for one them the father plays a role in her sons life, for the other not as much. The first girl I mentioned is CC's ex. And she is pretty kick ass. Her baby daddy is "thing" or "fuckhead" depending on who you ask. He is worthless. He doesnt do anything and he has done nothing but hurt Kt and well thats just not cool. She works hard and she deserves to be happy. Kt is lucky cause she has Dada which is my girl. And I am lucky because at 8:50 this morning i got a phone call from little man and got to talk to him while CC worked. She is going to be so pissed that she missed his phone call. CC and I try to help with liam whenever Kt needs and we get him this weekend and I cant wait.

The second mom I was talking about is Shrimpy. She is awesome. She is my shrimpy and Im here jiganto :) Shirmpy and CC are best friends and I love that both her (cc) and I can fit in with each other friends. So the Shrimpster is fun loving, hard working, and she is a really good mom. I dont know the whole story but she is pretty kick ass. And if you go to you can read her blog.

Basically my real life teen moms are pretty kick ass compared to MTV's, dont you think.

And Im linking up to this crazy mama!! check it out.

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