Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to Basics

First of all, its time to get back to basics and the true point of having this blog. The point of this blog was to document all the crazynesss and epic moments that truely consume my life. On that note, my life and I need to have a heart to heart about my life. So here it goes... cliff notes version...

Come to school, date girl, fall in love, break her heart for new girl. Love her, fuck it up, move on to high school crush. Fuck without feeling, ruin a friendship with MM, and then end it all. Date maine girl, break her heart, lose myself, and now spend the rest of my senior year fixing my life. And repeat. Seems to be the story of my life, except this year I am making it different. I want to fix things with MM, seeing as I royally fucked that up by putting E before her when she needed me. I have told MM this and we are trying to fix things, and honestly Im not asking for things to be perfect and back to the way they were, I just want my life to be more normal. And what is normal... well i have no flipping idea but its got to be better than this. Currently life is good, surprisingly good. Odd I know. I told E that I am done fighting for her that if she wants me she can fight for me, JT, L, and I are back to being the besties that we once were, and I'm actually loving basketball for the first time in 7 years.

I love my floor of residents, and they certainly keep me busy and laughing. For example, last nights epic visit of shnozberries and herpies... no i have no clue what this was about and why it happened but it just did, and well it was pretty damn funny. I have also come to the conclusion that keeping people in my blog straight is going to be pretty hard cause well they all have the same initails, so Im pretty much going to make this up as I go.

Shot one: Smile! It gets better

<3 me

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