Monday, September 27, 2010

Friends for a Lifetime

Friends... their hard to come by but when you find them, trust me never let them go. I have amazing friends. JT and L, are my "i wanna fix everything girls" who know me inside and out and still love me. We have enjoyed the cruz together, phase ten, and just three amazingly epic years together. I wouldnt trade them in for the world because they would never leave me high and dry and I will always be there for them. And then there is C. C is fun, crazy, and if you asked me freshman year if her and I would be friends my answer would have been no. But here we are in our senior year, and she gets me. She gets me without having to ask a million questions or need a million answers, she just gets it. She can hold me while I cry, snap me out of a freak out, and is just there for a lot of laughs. C tells me she will most likely run cause thats what she does and I just keep telling her that I can out run her and I really will. I dont want her to run away from being friends with me, and I will chase after her cause I have never had a bond with someone like this. As if my good friends couldnt get any better, I have K and J. I call K my wife, and we just clicked when we first met. She laughs with me, talks to me, and we just enjoy eachothers company. K is easy to talk to and I know I can tell her anything without hesitation. j is my basketball buddy, and we have a high school musical relationship. Im Vanessa and she is Troy and we are eachothers motivators. She makes me run and work hard and I do the same for her.

Shot Five: Friends are forever... no matter where you are.

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