Sunday, September 26, 2010


So I am getting use to wanting what i cant haveand not wanting what I can have. I have fallen for enough people to konw what when they dont pick you it sucks. Ive always been like this, keeping a comfortable distance, not getting to close, and Ive come to realize that it is worth the risk. S is a guy that has become one of my best guy friends and when he and I talk its usually just the regular bull shit except if i were to be with a guy he would be it, and I would seriously do anything for that boy. I just wish he wanted me like that too... That seems to be the sagga of my life cause well I wanted E she didnt want me, I wanted S and he didnt want me, and then/now I want KC and she doenst want me. Except this time, it doesnt really bug me as much as it use to. I like the no stress of a relationship and the ability to be me... whoever that might be. Thats my goal... Figure out who I am and what I want no matter what it takes or how long....

<3 Me

Shot Four: Marco........ Polo?

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