Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Listen

Most people cant stand silence. Everyone is either texting, talking, listening to music, or watching a movie/t.v. No one ever listens to silence anymore. It doesnt matter if we are going in the car for three minutes of two hours, the music is blasting and our voices are singing along to the next big hit. Silence makes me think, I hate silence. silence is eary, creepy, and makes me over think everything in my life. Overanalyze is something I do offen, and I found myself doing it today and the only thing that keeps it from happening is the lack of silence. On the other hand I read a book once that focused on listening to the silence, to think, to feel without influence. Thats what I want to do:
Feel without influence, feel without regret, feel with hope
"You're nice."
"whats wrong with nice"
"It usually means you arent telling the truth"
~Just Listen

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